Admission started for 2021-22


School Administration

Head of School
Dr. KG Vijayalekshmi MA, MA MEd, MS, MBA, PhD

Teachers at Sandepani are gifted with infinite patience and optimum intellectual resources to answer questions to the full satisfaction of the students, and free them of doubts and uncertainty - no matter they are inside or outside the classroom.

Teachers are always accessible to the students who can even discuss their personal problems with them. They make sure that all the children are stress-free.

Keeping in mind of the fact that a healthy mind can only sprout in a healthy body, teachers at Sandepani see to it that the intellect of the children grows proportionally with their physical well-being.

Learning; not teaching
Sandepani instills the spirit of learning instead of teaching, and the latter is only to lend a support to the learning process. Classrooms at Sandepani are intended to express the unbridled talents of the students rather than to express that of the teachers. The teachers also take care of those students who are on the slippery side in the learning process.

Geethu Chandran .V
History, Geography and Economics Teacher
M.A Economics,B.Ed Social Science

10 years experience in teaching social science in higher classes both cbse and icse schools I am a motivated social science teacher who takes children on a journey through the realms of history. I aim for the children to reach the heights of the Everest. I also appraise them of the economy of our country. I encourage classroom discussion and an interactive class.

Parvathy .S
Music Teacher
M.A Music[vocal]

10 years experience in schools and music academics. I inculcate a love for music. I take them on a journey of melodies, tap the rhythm in all children. The soothing lyrics of classical music lulls them into a stress free world. I am also an dubbing artist who uses her vocals to enhance the movies and serials. Winning competitions is just another milestone in my life.

Lekshmi Priya P.K
Hindi Teacher
M.A Hindi,B.Ed Hindi

11 years experience in teaching schools Committed Hindi teacher with a diverse ability to teach hindi in school. Specialize in tracking students progress and setting attainable goals. I have classroom debates and oral presentations to encourage them to improve their language skills.SaraeJaha se Aacha - hindi class haimera.

Computer teacher

4 years in software development and I year experience in teaching. The tap of a button,a whole new world opens up. I help children discover that world with awe and appreciation. How pages of written matter can be summarised and made accessible. I teach them about the intricacies of the cyber world, a world of programming and logic. I appraise them of the hidden dangers lurking in this make believe world. I help children with making videos and power point presentation.

Swapna Panicker
Biology Teacher (5 YEAR)
MSc Zoology,B.Ed Natural Science,Qualified SET

I teach biology but with a difference. I save them the heartache by personalised learning. I help them breathe easy with easy experiments. I relate my teaching to everyday happenings like photosynthesis to my cooking. The relevance of preserving nature, planting a tree and importance of hygiene are also shown through videos how man procreates and beauty of giving life is very sensitively taught to all children. Science is experiments and learning by feeling, doing and observing.

English Teacher
M.A English ,B Ed English
20 years in teaching

I am an English teacher who encourages my children to fall in love with poetry and literature who takes them on a journey through the fields of daffodils to the beaches of Dover . The plays of Shakespeare to the streets of Malgudi.The nuances of grammar and the written wordsare made easy through activity based teaching. Each child is unique and so personalised assignments are given to each child

Physics Teacher
Msc Physics ,BEd Physical Science
4 years

I help children to tap the inner Einstein in them. To discover the hidden mysteries of far beyond - To excite them to bring out new discoveries, to experiment and never be afraid to fail because there is always the potential energy in every child to bring out. Excellent public relation skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Lakshmi R Nair
Yoga Teacher

Bcom ,TTC in hatha yoga,TTC in children's yoga,TTC in yoga for special needs children. 4 years of teaching yoga in different school. I conducts workshops at various colleges and schools and other institutions. I imparts specialised yoga training t home for pre-natal and post-natal women.My passion for yoga started 9 years back when I was suffering from arthritis, asthma and depression. Yoga helped me to love myself and gave confidence and made me feel really good it made my mind stable in any tough situation so I wanted to spread the awareness, effects and techniques and uses of yoga

Sindhu Raveendran
Primary Teacher (6 years)

Graduate with Montessori training. I am primary school teacher.I am reliving my childhood with my children.I love playing with my children.I try to provide a safe and secure environment for my children.A home away from home.

Roshni Lopez
Malayalam Teacher (13 years)

MA Malayalam,B.Ed Malayalam Sugathakumar,Vallathol and Kumaran Asan are my inspiration. I try to instil the love of Malayalam in all my students by making it as innovative and interactive as possible. Malayalam is a language we all have to Master it being our Mother Tongue.I have gone for CBSE paper Evaluation and Invigilation.

Lekshmi Thulasi
Teacher MPhil Biotechnology

6.7 years of experience at Mckinsey&Co.Technopark Trivandrum. I am a part of the research wing of the the Sandepanischool .I conduct experiments to help the children to learn better.I give projects for children to research on and present as a video.I help children with extra assignments and also support the teacher in class.

Primary school teacher
Graduate and Special Educator
Total : 5 years in teaching profession
-2 years in Al Takween international school
-2 years in Barem Al Emaan private school.

My biggest joy is spending time with kids.I enjoy spending time with them. I learn from them every day. They bring a smile on my face. I tried to give them an activity filled kindergarten class I work on their letters and help them write. Children make the whole day more meaningful.

Dr.Anamika Anu
Teacher Msc,PhD in limnology

A gold medallist in Msc,obtained a PhD in limnology and earned the honour to be university topper.I am a bilingual poet writes both in English and Hindi. My work has appeared in various platforms.I worked on various programmes of Doordarshan as an anchor and former coeditor of Kritya a bilingual literary magazine published from kerala.I translated renowned writers like Kamala Das,Yu Jian,Sona van,Ramakanth Rathi and Ayappa Panicker.