Admission started for 2021-22

The Stress free and innovative School

Sandepani school is a self-governing school founded in 2004 with a holistic, research based and stress-free approach to education and skill development. While following ICSE (India) and IGCSE (Cambridge, UK) academic curriculum, Sandepani facilitates conceptual education, creative thinking and stress-free academic interventions through its meticulously researched and its highly experimental environment.

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Our Classes

The School currently offers Pre-primary Classes and Classes I to VIII. Children have the option to follow ICSE (India) or IGCSE (Cambridge, UK) curricula

Mission Statement

We the faculty at Sandepani School are committed to educate the whole child and honor the multiplicity of each individual.

The New Campus

The new school complex is planned to be built on a 3.25 acre sprawling campus at Cheriyakonni located at the outskirts of the city.


Application for teachers In Sandepani School is open for both scientific and social science disciplines.

Salient features

Sandepani lays stress on:
- Kindling the curiosity of students
- Developing a scientific and analytical mind
- Making the children conscious of the relationship between human beings and the environment
- Making them nature lovers
- Making children mentally alert and competent for decision-making
- Identifying their inclination towards fine arts, crafts and the like by giving them proper guidance and practical training in the field they show versatile    excellence
- Making them emotionally fit for attaining self-discipline
- Developing a meditative mind which emanates from the depths of silence, reasoning, beauty, love and compassion
- Allowing them to actualize their inner potentials by ensuring a happy childhood
- Enjoying freedom along with responsibility
- Awakening their intelligence, insight and creativity

Our Mission Statement

We the faculty at Sandepani School are committed to educate the whole child and honor the multiplicity of each individual.

Intellectually by

  • facilitating cooperative and independent learning
  • developing higher levels of thinking
  • giving appropriate evaluation

Emotionally by

  • promoting unconditional acceptance of self
  • assisting personal growth
  • supporting partnership between school, home and solidarity, acceptance and mutual support among peers
  • providing a nurturing environment

Socially by

  • promoting unconditional acceptance and respect for others
  • enhancing communication and cooperation skills
  • cultivating a sense of responsibility
  • fostering positive group behavior

Physically by

  • recognizing the interdependence of mind and body
  • teaching respect and care for the body
  • assisting in refining and strengthening of physical skills
  • valuing the need for purposeful movement

Spiritually by

  • inspiring a love of learning
  • encouraging self-determination
  • developing and nurturing global awareness
  • sharing joy, beauty and a reverence for life
  • We support this Mission by providing programs and methodologies with strong public policy, development and conceptual learning priorities based on both Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ISCE) and International General Certificate, University of Cambridge, UK (IGCSE) syllabi.


The School is managed by Jyothirgamaya Educational & Charitable Trust Women Empowerment and Human Resources Development Centre of India (WHI) a Social Development Organisation registered under Travancore-Cochin Scientific Cultural and Charitable Societies Registration Act.

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